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Why We’re Better

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Ambrogio is an Italian company that has been manufacturing furnishing for over 30 years.

Our goal is to create winning ideas to meet the needs of the market.

We have been knowing wood for 30 years, we know how to select it to enhance its natural features that make it unique. And we respect it, using lumber coming only from certified geographical areas: we create quality products that last over time.




All Ambrogio products are designed and manufactured in Italy: this is a guarantee of quality, utility and consumer safety.

With passion and expertise we carefully follow every step of the creation of our products: from design to the choice of raw materials, from the first processing to the assembly of the components, from painting to packaging, from the warehouse to the distribution on the market. Quality is designed to build objects that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also essential for everyday use.




Ambrogio demonstrates its commitment to the environment through the use of water paints and waste separation for the disposal of special waste; moreover, all waste wood, shavings and sawdust are conveyed and stored in storage silos, so that they can be used as fuel for heating.

In 2011 we decided to take a further important step in supporting the environment through the installation of a photovoltaic plant for the production of clean energy.




The assembly of our products is very simple. Just open the packaging and the product is ready for use. It's just all done.